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What’s the best way to celebrate a special occasion or event in New Orleans? In a New Orleans party bus of course! It’s the way to go! A party on wheels. In other words a party on the go! By all means start the party before you get to the party!

Luxe Limousines has the perfect party bus for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, homecoming, graduation, birthday, or just a night out with all of your friends, Luxe Limousines has the limo bus you need.

New Orleans Party Bus Service

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Luxe Limousines has a large fleet of party buses. In fact, we have the biggest limo bus fleet in New Orleans. With several to choose from. Filled with plenty of amenities to enjoy and have a good time in. For instance, we have buses that can accommodate anywhere from 15 – 28 passengers. And are spacious enough for everyone to move and dance around in. Complete with a wet bar area. As well as, neon lights, wood floors, wrap around leather seats, a booming sound system, and of course a dance pole! What more can you ask for? That’s pretty much everything you need to have a great night!

Everyone can have a good time. Enjoy the party. All while our professional driver safely takes you and your guests where you want to be. Worry free. Hassle free. Just hop in! And enjoy the ride. Have fun! We’ll be your designated driver for the night.

Ready to book! Great! But since, our buses do book fast. That’s why we highly recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible. Especially during high seasons. To clarify, wedding season, prom season, LSU Football game season, and Mardi Gras. Just to name a few of the times our vehicles are on high demand. As a result, availability can be harder to come by during these times. So, plan ahead. Book early. And lock in your bus.

Call today! Request a quote or make a reservation. (504) 324-4028 or book online. Without a doubt you and your guests will have a spectacular time!

New Orleans Party Bus

Luxe Limousines 28 Passenger New Orleans Party Bus

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